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Liben Installation Team for European Market

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Liben Installation Team for European Market

Issue Time:2016-08-09
For those European customers who have great ambition to build indoor play center for kids, are you still
struggling to find a reliable supplier who will be able to provide you with one-stop service? Especially on
installation which could be your biggest headache?

Now don't you worry about that. Last year we were so lucky to collaborate with a customer in Turkey
who showed great interest to represent us to be our installation team in all European countries. You know
what this means? It means no matter which place you are in, as long as you're in Europe, they will be
arriving at your place so fast that no other companies in China could compare. And more importantly,
they're a very professional team and the installation cost is really tempting.

So dear European customers, what are you waiting for? Now if you're thinking of opening a indoor play
area for kids and don't know how to install, please grab your phone and contact us right away. We're
ready to give you all-around solutions with the best offer that you'd ever get.

Thanks for your time to read this news and we're looking forward to receiving your inquiries soon.