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Dream-seeking adventure in Liben

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Dream-seeking adventure in Liben

Issue Time:2016-09-06

Although with only 5 year's history, Liben has gradually become the leading company in Wenzhou city, even in whole Zhejiang Province with its rapid development, excellent company culture and great achievement in E-commerce Operation, which attracted lots of foreign trade companies and factories from each town of Wenzhou area or other cities visit Liben Group to learn and communities their ideas, we call this kind of visit THE TRIP OF SEEKING DREAMS. 

Each time our general manager Mr.Bao will prepare a presentation to introduce our culture, our sales and our e-commerce operations etc., he is a celebrity in alibaba business community now, and he is glad to share all the tips about how to build a excellent business culture, how to operate all the websites etc. 

In the eyes of Liben sales, they are so nervous when first time to see lots of strangers come into office and take pictures everywhere, they just feel like they are animals in the zoo. But now, everyone is accustomed to it, like they are accustomed to welcome customers from different countries in the world every week, and even they start to work as the guide of the visitors, because both customers and the dream-seeker visit our office more and more frequently. All the sales has joined several video shoot from city TV station, TUV company etc. they are all ready to become well-known like their company and manager, haha~