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American children's playground design sharing(1)

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American Mountain Lake Park Playground

The Mountain Lake Park Playground is located in the Richmond District of San Francisco, USA. The newly designed scheme seamlessly connects with its surrounding environment, forming a feeling that the playground is here and will always be there.

The refurbished and designed playground makes full use of the advantages of the topography of the site, and separate play areas are set up on terraces of different elevations.

The terraced play area is paved with brightly colored rubber safety, spiral paths and ramps connecting different spaces

Each area considers age and game adaptability. There is no clear play method or equipment usage method. The children create the experience entirely, and provide different levels of challenges as they grow and build confidence.

For example, the space for preschoolers has smaller slides, swings and sensory walls, while the area closest to the lake is designed for older children with carefully designed rope and board climbing structures and springboard balance platforms.

Other nature-inspired design elements include hills, reminiscent of the area's historic sand dunes, concrete partition walls with vertical lines that evoke marsh reeds, and sculptures of native wildlife such as turtles and frogs.

When abstracting the important references to the rich history of the site, the playground is both familiar and unfamiliar, giving visitors a feeling that the design of the playground is closely related to the specific environment.


Thinkers' Comprehensive Paradise in Texas, USA

The Thinker Complex, located in Austin, Texas, is a museum-style building integrating parenting, enlightenment, and development. The entire project is full of inspiration and an interactive learning environment.

Based on children's natural love of exploration and full of curiosity, the designer created an original visiting experience, positioning the museum as an incubator for the next generation of Austin scientists, artists and innovators.

One of the most iconic features in the museum is the outdoor learning environment called EnviroGarden. It has a tall sculptural climbing structure that rises to a closed sphere 20 feet above the ground, with nets, steps, rope ladders, and tunnels. It is eager for children to climb from one height to another. Until the highest point.

Other learning environments include: an innovator's studio with an architectural landscape, Currents (a water interactive feature with multiple senses), a rocket launcher and wax painting from the Spark Shop, and a space specially designed for young children visitors . "No rules and exceptions" simple game, the room can accommodate more than 40 mattresses and more than 160 "pillow" tires for children (and adults) to play and crawl. Strange and interesting labyrinth, every corner is scattered with a story, including animals that have never been seen, primitive stories, forgotten history, ancient footpaths, etc. The biomorphic sculpture, made of 14,000 latex balloons, is 50 feet high and 30 feet wide, and hangs in the atrium of the museum for family visitors. With a strong cultural foothold and creative and simple design, the park has realized family parenting and educational fun.


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