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American children's playground design sharing(2)

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Pioneer Park, Arizona, USA

Pioneer Park is located in Mesa, Arizona, United States, adjacent to the western edge of the city center. It is an easily overlooked but very important public area.

With the theme of the early Americans exploring Alaska, what is displayed in the park is another cultural theme of Alaska-Americans' hard work in Alaska. Walking in the park, you can see that the staff in the park are still wearing costumes from the early 20th century.

One of the main goals of the is to "rethink gaming" and study how gaming activities can be a tool to increase social interaction and build community. Driven by the idea of protecting and celebrating historic trees, the designer created an iconic gaming experience in the woods, with its 500-foot-long elevated "player connector" walkway immersed into the canopy.

Passing through the huge pistachios, tumbling pine trees and towering palm trees in the park, the "play connector" acts like a viaduct, which not only provides a bird's eye view of the park but also provides visitors with the function of sunshading and summer heat. The multi-level and multi-element amusement design encourages Impromptu interaction between children.


A stretched membrane structure is designed in the Central Park and is equipped with a 15-foot-high water spray device. Visitors can participate in the jet programming of the water column, or participate in the water splashing interaction.

Pioneer Park has themed activities throughout the year, including "Celebrating Mesa Earth Day", "Car Show" and "Movies in the Park", becoming the main gathering place for surrounding communities.

In addition, there are 7 museums, 8 restaurants, mini golf courses and some small shops in the park. You can run and climb in the park, experience the old steam train, or learn about Alaska natives, steam trains, aviation, ships and other historical materials in the museum.


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