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Australia children's playground design sharing(1)

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Children's playground, as one of the places where children find happiness and release their nature, provides ample open space for children's games and communication. At the same time, games are also an effective way to promote children's continuous growth and learning. Therefore, the design of children's playgrounds is particularly important. A playground that meets children's needs can have varying degrees of impact on children's physiology, mentality, and social interaction.

Blaxland Riverside Children's Park, Australia

Blaxland Riverside Children's Park is located in the Sydney Olympic Park in New South Wales, southern Australia. It is a very spectacular high-tech playground. After its opening in 2012, the children's playground immediately became a must-visit destination for families with children.

The new entertainment venue of the Riverside Children's Park makes use of the existing terrain as much as possible. Various entertainment facilities such as tunnel slides, scramble walls, runners, and multi-level tree houses are designed to provide children with a variety of activities and abilities. challenge.

high-tech playground

This colorful foam sponge is laid on all the project sites, so it is comfortable and safe to step on. At the same time, the southern end of the park's large lawn has also designed a parking lot and some public infrastructure. A stainless steel slide was built according to the topography to make rational use of the space and set up climbing facilities on both sides of the slide to increase the sense of experience.

The park also has a water plaza with 170 sprinklers. The water square sprinkler can provide a variety of programmable water effects to adapt to the way of visiting and seasonal changes.

Due to the rich experience of children and adults, as well as the interaction with the river, people from all walks of life have picnics, barbecues, and parent-child leisure here every day, which also attracts a large number of tourists.


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