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Australia children's playground design sharing(2)

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Dandenong Park Recreation Area, Australia

The design of Dandenong Park Recreation Area in Melbourne, Australia has injected fresh blood into Dandenong Park. Along the Princes Highway, you can see this iconic recreation area, which echoes the historical sites of the Dandenong area.

The amusement area provides a multi-functional leisure activity place for people of all ages. The design elements include sculptured amusement devices, elevated amusement devices and viewing platforms, sand pile amusement, seasonal water amusement and a series of amusement devices.

Adjacent to the play area is a picnic and barbecue area. In the future, there will be a memorial avenue, parking lot, entrance plaza, and an amusement activity platform designed for older children.

amusement area

Children's playground in Darling Harbour, Australia

Darling Harbour is located in one of the most popular destinations in South Australia, Darling Harbour South. This is a key renovation project in the public realm that shows the urban style.

With the theme of "water", the playground has created a series of creative interactive game spaces. The design has evolved from the industrial history of Darling Harbour, through abstract art forms, recreating the sights of Australia's major rivers in the playground.

In addition, various types of amusement equipment and functional facilities allow people of all ages to participate and enjoy themselves. Full consideration of rainwater filtration and recycling strategies, and the adoption of advanced energy-saving lamps is a manifestation of the project's emphasis on social and ecological sustainable development.


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