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Australia children's playground design sharing(3)

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The National Arboretum Canberra reborn from the fire The National Arboretum Canberra is an iconic national attraction that will realize the grand vision of creating 100 forests and 100 gardens for the national capital. The Botanic Garden covers an area of 250 hectares and is only 6 kilometers from the city center, offering spectacular views of the city, Lake Burley Griffin and surrounding forests. After the Canberra bushfire in 2003, the government organized an international design competition for the Australian National Botanic Garden to reshape the area. "100 Forests" won the competition with its unique design concept, which is to create a forest that includes the world's 100 most endangered tree species.

Forest 100 defines what is a 21st century public garden. Starting from very realistic conditions such as sustainability, biodiversity, and public environmental issues, Forest 100 is not just a conceptual design guided by aesthetics, but a strategy, a real project, and an ongoing event. It not only provides visitors with a unique experience of being among endangered species; more importantly, it is a seed bank of the future, and each tree is a collection of viable seeds.

The National Botanic Garden has reinterpreted the concept of "Botanical Garden", which introduces endangered or highly ethnobotanical species from all over the world to form a future biodiversity warehouse. Planting 300 to 2000 trees of exotic species in a forest area composed of a single species is not only an event of important botanical significance, but will also bring the public immersion in various aspects such as form, color, light and shadow, and sound effects. Leisure tour experience.

For children

Near the visitor center of the National Botanic Garden is a children's playground shaded by trees.

Based on the concept of "seeds are the beginning of life", children and parents enter a magnified fantasy world-huge acorns floating in the air, and the fruits of banksia covered the forest floor.

For children of all ages, play is an important social method and educational tool. Play is especially one of the most important means when enhancing the relationship between children and the landscape, climate, and environment. The world formed by giant seeds can cultivate children's spontaneity, creativity, and imagination, encourage them to accept challenges and enhance their self-confidence.

The Pod playground is composed of a children's play area (bankan fruit area), a children's play area (acorn area), swings and other equipment. There are six acorn houses with heights ranging from 2.5m to 5m above the ground.

The rope tunnel connects 4 acorns together to form a climbing playground. The height of the enclosed net rope from the ground exceeds 2.5m.

The Banksia Fruit Recreation Area is located on the sand pit, and the components are connected by a glass reinforced structure. Unlike traditional plastic products, this is a very sturdy wooden playground. It is a good way to let children know the world of plants through play space and activities. The strength of the facility has passed the military standard safety inspection, and it is fully capable of carrying more tourists. The warm oak color complements the surrounding forest park environment.


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