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Cartoon Swing Outdoor Playsets

On the swing sets, a person sits on a board, holds the rope in both hands, and pushes the board with both feet to make it swing, swinging higher and higher. Or sit on the board and be pushed by someone else. There are single swing sets and double swing sets.
  • LE.DQ.F02.13.00
  • Liben Group
  • LE.DQ.F02.13.00

Product Parameter

Material Galvanized Steel, Steel, Color powder coating or PVC coating.
Recommended Ages 5-15
Apply for Outdoor Playground
Color  customized available
Brand Liben
Warranty 1 year.

Free 2D and 3D designs

Product Name: outdoor playground swing

Product brand: Liben Group

Product Size:custom according to site

Product colors: random or customized

For age:age 3 and above

For place:kindergarten, communities, civic center, family courtyard, playground

Seat:double seats


Product introduction

Cartoon Swing Outdoor Playset,No matter large playgrounds or small entertainment venues,considering outdoor players in different ages, investors will introduce some innovative outdoor playground swing with various playing methods and security.

Outdoor playground swing rise wave after wave, just like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. On the premise of ensuring safety, many manufacturer suppliers add some new element experience functionality into outdoor playground swing to get market attention and popularity. Enhance the competitive atmosphere in the market in such a way and increase their market advantage.


Q and A

1.Can we choose our prefer color of swing sets?

Answer: Yes of course. We have our color chart for your choice.

2.What's the warranty for swing sets?

Answer: Our warranty is 1 year, within which period we will be responsible for any undeliberate quality issue. 

3.Do you have installation manual for swing sets?

Answer: It is such easy to install the swings. According your flooring type we have two different install way, we can send pic for easy understanding. 



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