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Children's needs for the micro-topography of outdoor playgrounds

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Children are more interested in the combination of rich spatial sequences and diverse forms of amusement facilities. Therefore, the design of the site not only has more changes in the terrain, but also changes the single activity dimension of the facilities, allowing them to be flexibly arranged in accordance with the terrain to create more forms of amusement.

Children's playground  not only needs an open space with facilities, but also close to nature and return to nature. Learning a variety of knowledge and skills while perceiving nature wholeheartedly during play is an important experience that children gain in outdoor activities.17:17:28environment. Therefore, micro-topography should be used as much as possible to create more adventurous and exciting amusement content to help children achieve multi-faceted development.

Children's playground

The public’s concerns about the safety of the playground involve facilities, ecology, and psychology. Projected on the micro-topography are concentrated on: too deep potholes or water bodies that lack boundary protection; hills that are too high, too steep or too high. , Slopes and terraces; non-protective paving.

Children's play micro-topography design For outdoor children's play space in the city, general micro-topography is not enough, that is, it only meets the basic landscape function and cannot convey the spirit of the place-children play, and children cannot get it in general micro-topography Maximum play space.

Improve the original terrain to ensure diversity. On the basis of preserving the original terrain, combining the function and theme of the site for use, there should be two or more different forms of terrain, and the surface shape should be changed accordingly, and finally become a fun and playful micro terrain.

Pay attention to design details to ensure safe play. In a conservative concept, whether the venue is exciting and interesting is less important than whether it is safe or not. In fact, children are more adventurous, so meeting children's play needs while ensuring safety is the core of the playful micro-terrain design.


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