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Children's playground design sharing in Denmark and Canada

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The historical Children's Paradise, Denmark

The historical is a children's playground located in the woods on the outskirts of Voborg, Denmark. The children's playground is designed with the theme of the Middle Ages and contains five stages of Holder Manor, one of which dates back to the 12th century.

The park has many classic and easily recognizable elements, such as big towers, catapults and giant wild boars, creating an adventurous atmosphere as a whole. Here, children can play the victorious knight, rush to the tower and use the catapult.

The internal design of the wild boar implants game functions, such as rock climbing for children to balance and lie down. The volume is large enough for adults to be in it. At the same time, the children's playground also directly cited the five different locations and eras of Holder Manor.

The project is designed in a simple style with emphasis on nature. The simple style design makes the overall expression more vivid and interesting. The design of the interior is as careful as the exterior, making the experience of exploring it even more fascinating.

simple style design-1

Paul Coffey Park Castle Playground, Canada

Paul Coffey Park Castle Playground is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The park is inspired by fairy tales to create an unforgettable space that attracts people of all ages in the city.

The design concept of the castle playground aims to enhance Malton's sense of location and identity in Mississauga, and provide more opportunities for young people and families to make them active, entertaining and social. It is inspired by countless classic children’s stories about distant castles, demon princesses, fearless knights and fire-breathing dragons.

The four-meter-high tower was built on a hillside near the Paul Coffey Stadium, with colorful turrets and flags standing above it, which is very eye-catching.

simple style design-2

Supporting the castle's narrative is a series of intricately large logs, abstractly forming a huge green dragon. The dragon's head and tail are hand-carved by a local chainsaw artist, and its climbable wings are scattered throughout the playground to make the log structure come alive. For children of all ages and abilities, this game function is a challenging element.

Other hand-carved oak sculptures add depth and character to the whimsical playground story. Farm animals, tortoises, princesses, wizards and treasure chests are all over the scene and inside the castle. Themed public art elements draw children into the narrative, encourage creativity and stimulate imagination.

Children are the main users of playgrounds. They like games. They need to satisfy their thirst for knowledge, stimulate their imagination, improve cognitive ability, enhance physical fitness, and promote personality development through playground environment, facility layout and game equipment. Therefore, in the design of children's playground activities, we should strive to highlight the practicality of the design and the innovation of design concepts, so as to meet the needs of children from multiple directions and perspectives, and guide the healthy growth of children And enlightenment.


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