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Children's stainless steel slide customization

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The stainless steel slide is an upgraded product of the slide. It has more ways to play. It is liked by many children in parks, scenic spots, and shopping malls. It can not only exercise, but also decorate the environment. Today we will introduce the advantages of our stainless steel slides.

Stainless steel slide is a relatively novel amusement equipment.The stainless steel slide is made of steel, which is environmentally friendly and has anti-corrosion properties. The surface is smooth and clean, with good weather resistance and long use time.

The style, shape and length of the stainless steel slide can be tailor-made according to the requirements of customers. It is one of its highlights to adapt to the installation and debugging of various venues.


The stainless steel slide is made of weather-resistant stainless steel steel plate, which is made by welding technology and heat treatment technology. Under normal circumstances, the material of this kind of stainless steel slide is divided into two types: mirror stainless steel and brushed stainless steel. The brightness of mirror stainless steel is better, and the stainless steel surface after brushing treatment is more heavy. Customers can choose according to their own needs.

The height of stainless steel slides can be designed according to the needs of customers. Compared with other types of slides, it has a certain degree of autonomy. In many places, in order to highlight the height of the slides and attract children's attention, some slides are designed to be 20 meters high and become regional focus.


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