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Children's theme design space sharing(1)

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It is the nature of children to love to play. Playing can make children experience happiness and even learn to respond appropriately emotionally to improve their interpersonal skills.

In fact, children's facilities are creative and exploratory, which helps to cultivate children's more flexible thinking ability and creative spirit, and enhance their problem-solving ability.

Zhonghai Wangjing Mansion Children's Fun Discovery Center

This is a spaceship amusement base that can climb, climb, slide, and drill. The spacecraft is divided into two layers of space, and the spiral crawling net below can directly reach the two layers of space, and the sliding cylinder can slide up and down, creating or encouraging children to explore and adventure while ensuring its safety. The activity facility combines the technology interaction of sound and light: technology interaction spray, set up interaction points on the starlight road, step on the interaction points to trigger the spray and water pattern light effects, as if a spaceship is about to vacate, and it is also the best photo spot.

The Meteorite House is divided into 5 spaces based on the architectural and interior planning layout: reception area, sand table area, negotiation area, children's activity area, and atrium. Each space has a unique function and story, which is a scene of aliens’memories of time and space travel reflect.


Poly·AVIC Sky City Children's Park

This is a children's playground where a sense of technology and a sense of future coexist. It is the first attempt to apply sound and light interactive technology to the children's playground. For the unknown: how bright the light is, when the spray is sprayed, children are always full of curiosity.Here, you can climb, slide, and hide and seek. Both adults and children can lie down on the net and watch the clouds drift by.

Sunac·Chongqing Cultural Tourism City Rainbow Cloud Valley

"Every child has a dream world in his heart. It is a big cloud floating in the sky, a rainbow of seven colors looming after the rain, it is chasing butterflies on the grass, it is the friends playing together, and the cloud paradise will stop time. In the dream world."


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