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Children's theme design space sharing(2)

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Domino Park Playground

Here, you can enjoy unparalleled views of the Manhattan skyline, Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and other Domino Parks. Its design is inspired by the originality of the industrial age, the sugar making process and the location of the Domino sugar factory.

The selection of candy colors and dynamic graphics combined with the industrial visual narrative perspective Domino Playground brings adults and children into a space that can ignite their adventurous spirit.

In order to pay tribute to the Domino Sugar Factory and its sugar making history, every part of the playground accessible to children represents a part of the sugar making process.

Copenhagen Park'n'Play

On the seaside of Copenhagen, Denmark, there is a "red building" that stands out. There are many bear children playing on it every day.

The roof is the real highlight of this building. The handrails of the stairs continue to the roof, forming a series of "red line" elements. These red lines have changed from simple railings to roof swings, ball cages, jungle gyms and so on. Build a dream playground on the roof of the red parking lot.

Not only solves the problem of the inconsistency between the appearance of the parking lot and the environment, but also creates a new world for children. Called the Danish fairy tale version of "Dream of Red Mansions".


HOYT-SULLIVAN Park, Somerville, USA

The design of Hoyt-Sullivan Park Playground reflects the community's requirements for natural play space in the densely populated and ethnically diverse city of Somerville in northern Boston. The playground design includes several multi-level play elements, including a barrier-free tower that uses terrain changes to challenge and inspire children to play. Let the parent-child family play in a free and open venue and enjoy a good time.

Paul Coffey Park, Mississauga, Canada

The playground concept design represents classic children’s stories, including castles, dragons, knights and princesses. This playground incorporates a tower and slide on top of a two-story turret, faucet log jam and carvings by local artists into the venue, attracting children to its narrative and encouraging creativity, imagination and positive play.


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