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Children's theme design space sharing(3)

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Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

The playground represents the element of the artist's studio. The northern playground has a climbing structure that represents overflowing paint cans and crumpled paper. The playground in the south is in a state of equal chaos, offering a colorful artist's tray as well as pencils and a flattened paint tube. The art-themed playground aims to provide the highest gaming value and stimulate creativity. It will become a new city landmark destination for Toronto children and tourists.

Guangzhou Vanke Big Fish Park

Dayu Park is located in the northwest of downtown Guangzhou. The former is a fish pond area. The transformed park introduces elements such as forest, wetland, big fish, etc., to strengthen the connection with the site context, and build a dreamlike paradise. The amusement facilities in the park are abstracted from the image of fish. The white "big fish" swims in the forest and beach, projecting mottled light and shadow in the setting sun, and together with the users, they build a fairy-tale picture.

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American Jungle Playground

This amusement device is located in a historic public site, and is a playground shared by surrounding children.

In the past 60 years, the people living in the community have been constantly changing, but the love and care for this site has never changed. Community residents who dare to try also hope to create a safe yet fun-filled environment for children to freely explore amusement facilities without fixed functions. The two hit it off and the jungle playground was born.

The traditional architectural forms such as door openings and stairs in the installation lead the children to unexpected spaces. All suspended masses are embedded on a thin wall, and the design creates a variety of paths. Out of multiple access to space.

Xuhui AD Li

As the starting point of commerce, "Gift Park" is also an urban public space at the corner of the road. In a limited area, the sinking relationship is used to increase the richness of the space. Form two parallel road network structures. People passing through the park can cross the border through the streamer bridge, and those for entertainment can enter through the sunken space. Through the composition, the sunken children's world and the leisure garden along the commercial tree table are naturally and smoothly divided. Here, childlike experience and neighborhood interaction are destined to become the main theme.

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Pixel Paradise

This is a public space beautification project, which combines different outdoor facilities into a whole space. This project is inspired by the digital concept of pixels.The combination of these pixels creates a very eye-catching and interesting universal multifunctional public space. Given that the smallest unit of space suitable for carrying crowd activities is 5*5 meters, the core pixel area of this project is a 5*5 perfect square with 1, 25 x 1, 25 meters of pixels. The use of this modular approach solves the problems of edge traffic, pedestrian circulation and edge landscape.

Entertainment space is an indispensable element in the growth process of children and adolescents. This element plays an indispensable role in the growth of their physical and mental health, social communication and cognitive ability. I hope that there are more and more good entertainment spaces like this, and people's happiness index is getting higher and higher.


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