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China Preschool Outdoor Sensory Playground Manufacturer

Percussion instruments are the basis for the recognition as well as for children's learning of the for a week and melodic pursuits, a way of exploring musical interests and improvisation in playing. Each instrument exhibits a different tone and the unique cables that come with each mallet, which are very simple to install and easy to replace, reveal a wonderful musicality that will be enjoyable to play. It is mainly made of a combination of stainless steel, aluminum, steel, and PE plate materials. The types of percussion instruments are the ensemble player, the teaching official organ, the rhythm player, and the elite drums.
Children's Teaching Pipes Percussion instruments: Percussion instruments are instruments that produce sound by striking. Their basic components are height, length, strength, and timbre, adding more color to the diverse musical sound.
Recommended Age:
  • LE.CO.A06.11.00
  • Liben
  • LE.CO.A06.11.00

Outdoor musical instruments for kids are instruments that produce effects by hitting, shaking, rubbing, and scratching. Percussion instruments may be the oldest instruments. Some percussion instruments can not only produce rhythm, but also produce melody and chorus effects.

Children's outdoor percussion instruments can indeed effectively develop children's intelligence, whether it is from the actual operating sense of percussion instruments or from the aesthetic aspect, it can effectively enhance children's interest. Whether it is sensory enjoyment or sound experience, it can effectively help children's psychological growth

The decorative effect of children's outdoor percussion instruments is indeed quite good. This percussion instrument looks very beautiful, full of elegance, and full of advanced feeling. It is not like the previous facilities. There are gongs and drums and traditional Chinese classical percussion instruments. , As well as Western-style percussion instruments, in short, they look more cultural and artistic, and the decorative effect is particularly good.


Material Galvanized Steel, Net
Recommended Ages Above 2 years old.
Apply for outdoor playground
Color Black and Red, customized available
Size 700*1500*800cm
Recommended Age Above 2 years
Tubes Galvanized Steel
Brand Liben
Warranty 1 year.

Free 2D and 3D designs

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1. Premium Quality for High Reliability

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(4)Certificates: ISOI4001, ISOI8000, ISO9001 & GS from TUV Company of Germany

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Q: Can we choose our prefer color of outdoor playground instrument product ?

A: Yes of course. We have our color chart for your choice.

Q: What's the warranty for outdoor playground instrument product ?

A: Our warranty is 1 year, within which period we will be responsible for any undeliberate quality issue

Q: Do you have installation manual for outdoor playground instrument product ?

A: It is such easy to install the swings. According your flooring type we have two different install way, we can send pic for easy understanding. 


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