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Climbing Net for Kids Adult Playground

Outdoor fitness sports have been the necessity of the development of times, no matter in schools or communities, the slogan of going out to exercise is advocated. There are all kinds of outdoor fitness equipments, including traditional community fitness equipment, but because traditional community fitness equipment uses the low-quality material, it will not be long before you smell a strong smell of rust.
Recommended Age:
  • LE.GM.A06.06.00
  • Liben
  • LE.GM.A06.06.00

ASTM Safe Zone: 3200*3200*2300mm

Capacity: 5-10

Recommended Ages: Above 7 years old

Climbing Net for Kids Adult Playground  is becoming more and more popular, there are many kinds of climbing different materials or different accessories combined together can form different kinds of climbing net. Usually, children's climbing nets are made of net and galvanized steel pipe,it is attractive for outdoor playground.

The plastic parts used in the product, all using imported plastic powder automatic rotomolding, and also added to the high temperature resistant anti-static factor, can make the product anti-slip, anti-crack, safe and environmentally friendly. And our use of materials can be in accordance with the needs of customers, different sites to build different products.


Material Galvanized Steel, Net
ASTM Safe Zone 5000*5000*6000mm
Recommended Ages Above 7 years old.
Apply for Outdoor Playground
Color Black and Red, customized available
Size 8800*5600*4000mm
Tubes Galvanized Steel
Brand Liben
Warranty 1 year.

Free 2D and 3D designs

Why choose us

1. Premium Quality for High Reliability

(1)Standardized production of 

(2)Specialized management;

(3)Strict quality control

(4)Certificates: ISOI4001, ISOI8000, ISO9001 & GS from TUV Company of Germany

2. Competitive Price

3. Unique Design 

4. Excellent Service

5. Solutions for Any Budget



Q: What’s the price of outdoor playground equipment?

A: The price is unfixed, you can directly consult the manufacturer for the quotation of the equipment.

Q: What’s the suitable height of kindergarten combined slide?

A: Around 2 meters is the best, which is suitable for children to play.

Q: What’s the relation of Little Doctor and combined slide?

A: Little Doctor is a combination of brands, a set of combined slide and a structural combination.


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