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Community Playground Equipment Price

Elephant outdoor non-standard play equipment is often used in large shopping malls, municipal centers, and kindergartens, etc. The main role is to provide a playground for young children to release their nature.
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  • LE.CL.A25.15.00

Product introduction

Elephant outdoor non-standard play equipment is often used in large shopping malls, municipal centers, and kindergartens, etc. The main role is to provide a playground for young children to release their nature. Community play equipment is now hot outdoor play equipment, mainly through climbing, jumping, running, walking, bouncing, rolling, and other sports to achieve their own play sports a sports-type project, which is not only the traditional play on the upgrade of equipment but also in line with more children play mentality of equipment. Because community play equipment compared to other amusement equipment, high safety factor, long life cycle, low maintenance costs, strong entertainment, good interaction, unique experience, therefore, also by more and more investors to pursue.

Community amusement equipment is often thematic in nature amusement products appear in major amusement parks, each community amusement equipment project covers their own specific play methods, such as slides, large climbing nets, physical expansion, trampoline projects, etc. All in all, community play equipment is a large amusement device with functionality as a whole and is a good display device to reflect the current level of amusement.

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Product Price

Liben is a modern enterprise with a strict process production level, a professional technical team, and perfect equipment testing production capacity among the national amusement equipment companies. Loto manufactures different models of amusement equipment, innovative and beautiful appearance, comprehensive and superior function, high-end product quality, established a good sales reputation, and product reputation, gaining the favorable attention of new and old users.

Elephant children's outdoor play equipment is also a custom product, the price of each product equipment is based on the actual need for the size of the volume of the price budget. If your site area is relatively small, then we will have a professional team of designers for your site survey, data research, and then design products that meet the size of the site.

Liben currently has a very comprehensive product output abroad, outdoor non-standard large amusement equipment, children's slides, water play equipment, etc. are sold, diversified equipment, comprehensive product customization will meet your requirements.

Liben provides comprehensive service items, from one to the end is our principle for customer service, Liben products are reasonably priced, reliable quality, and have a good reputation image in the whole amusement industry, welcome to come to the field investigation.

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Q: What is the material used in this customized community play equipment?

A: Usually a community play equipment will use plastic, stainless steel, wood, and other different materials, because the need to consider the degree of use of the whole equipment and aesthetic, so in each detail part of the material used will be different.

Q: What are the advantages of the elephant outdoor equipment?

A: This product belongs to the outdoor customization project, first of all, it has a more attractive appearance of color, followed by higher quality materials, long-term use of anti-abrasion, and finally, customize this outdoor equipment you will enjoy our integrated installation, transportation, testing, after-sales service, and many other services.

Q: How can I buy this product?

A: We as responsible equipment supply manufacturers, to a site based, so now you can directly contact our customer service staff, or message us your needs in the message section, we will immediately contact you to talk about the details of the product details.


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