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Custom Outdoor Playground for Home

Backyard outdoor playground equipment is a kind of playground equipment in a small park at home, or a custom install at backyard. Due to the requirement of place,the size of this equipment is generally smaller.
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Product Parameter

Product Name:backyard outdoor playground equipment for home

Product Size:7*2* 4.5or custom

Material:imported LLDPE,galvanized steel pipe,304 stainless steel

Product feature:uvioresistant,safe,environmental,anti-static, fadeless

For age:age 5 and above

For place:residential area, playground ,adult playground,outdoor development Playground

Playground equipment certificate:CE、EN1176、ASTM,test report

Product introduction

Backyard outdoor playground equipment is a kind of playground equipment in a small park at home, or a custom install at backyard. Due to the requirement of place,the size of this equipment is generally smaller. But it can offer a better place for home or the neighborhood. Generally,some small equipments can be at the backyard, such as small trampoline projects, outdoor swing, golf course, outdoor slide and so on.

Building a small outdoor playground at our backyard not only can promote family harmony,but also can stimulate the feelings between parents and children. Besides, outdoor small playground equipment for home will choose high-end materials,safe and environmental, bringing a good experience effect.

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Product Price

To install a small and medium sized backyard outdoor playground equipments at home,what equipments do we need? How much will we cost? What needs to be invested?In fact, place is the first. Backyard belongs to ourselves, so there is no need to worry about the cost of the place. To build a nice small outdoor playground, we just need to offer a place between 50 to 100 square metres.

Besides, when to choose outdoor playground equipments, you can consider the equipments as follows: trampoline,slide, swing, seesaw, climbing net,sea ball pool, gas-filled equipments and so on. For example, the size of the trampoline can be around 4 square metres,for 3 people to play, and the price is only about several hundred yuan. In addition, these equipments has a good anti-corrosive properties and wear resistance,and it’s convenient to clear up after rainning.

Next,about the way to buy the products. You can search on the internet ,find out the products you like, communicate with the factories if you like the style of their equipments, and then custom. At this time, you should consider what kind of factory you should choose. Linen group is your best choice, a professional and comprehensive supplier.

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Q and A

Q: the age for the backyard outdoor playground equipments?

A: 3 years and above.

Q: How to buy products?

A: Our cooperation process:offer place information ,layout design,confirm and sign the order,PI payment deposit,produce,paid the residual balance,deliver goods,logistics tracking,install,customer feedback,communicate with us if any question after sale.

Q: Any advantages of choosing your products?

A: Our products are uvioresistant,safe,environmental,anti-static, fadeless,and support the overall maintenance work.

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