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Design concept and innovation of preschool children's playground

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Children's cognition of the world is in a state of ignorance. They recognize time and learn knowledge through amusement. Therefore, the design and planning of children's playground is particularly important. With the development of amusement industry and the continuous increase of consumer groups, Amusement facilities have become a symbol of a children's playground.

The design of children's playground is mainly divided according to the characteristics of children of different ages. Each play area is equipped with different forms and contents of amusement facilities according to the characteristics of children of different ages, and has the characteristics of children of all ages. His search is in line with the children's activities and makes the park look more attractive. Generally speaking, it can be divided into the following activity areas according to the needs of different age groups: playgrounds for children under 3 years old, playgrounds for preschool children aged 3-7, and playgrounds for children over 7 years old.

venues for preschool children's

The playground should be relatively flat. Do not set more amusement equipment. In the choice of equipment, relatively simple amusement equipment should be selected. The surface should be as smooth as possible, and the angle should be rounded to prevent children from bumping. The playground for children can be divided into separate areas, because children of this age are not yet sound in all aspects of development, to avoid interference from other age groups, and soft grass or fools can also be laid in the playground to give children multiple protections.

The venues for preschool children's activities are mainly activity equipment, which can be equipped with slides, rocking horses, swings, climbing frames and other facilities. The appearance of multiple colors and novel shapes helps to cultivate children's aesthetics and stimulate children's imagination. Appropriately arrange adult rest areas around the venue to facilitate the care of children.

The playground for school-age children should have a certain scale, and can be based on comprehensive amusement facilities and climbing expansion facilities. Because of the large scale, it can be divided into multiple areas, and various ball games and fitness equipment can be added. Some seats can also be arranged for children to rest and learn.


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