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Free Design Slide Outdoor Playground Equipment at Preschool

Professional outdoor playground equipment also needs high-end materials, high-quality design and resonable collinscation.
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Outdoor combined stainless steel slide playground equipment is a kind of innovative and multifunctional playground project. From the general direction, it’s divided into two different types of amusement facilities, including stainless steel slide and rope net climbing. But for children, these two independent devices carry out a comprehensive exercise, which brings not only physical exercises to children, but also challenging amusement facilities.

Obviously, this kind of amusement project is more attractive in outdoors. No matter adults or children, they will pay more attention to such a large combined playground equipment. If it is as a profit-making equipment, we strongly suggest this type of equipment.


Material Galvanized Steel, Engineering Plastic
size 12500*8100*6000mm
Recommended Ages Above 3 years old.
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Color Yellow and green, customized available
Tubes Galvanized Steel
Brand Liben
Warranty 1 year.

Free 2D and 3D designs


Q:How much is outdoor Little Doctor children’s combined slide?

A:The price of small toy slide is in the range of 300 to 1000 yuan, large indoor and outdoor slide is in the range of 3000 yuan to 50 thousand yuan, and the support will also be different.

Q:Which brand of outdoor children’s slide is better?

A:Compared with general slide, combined slide designed by Wenzhou Liben Group is more innovative, and there are more functional projects at the same time .

Q:What size of children’s slide is better?

A:The slope angle of the slide climbing ladder is about 70 degrees, the width is 40cm, the height of the ladder is 6 cm. The skateboard has a dip angle of 30-35 degrees, a width of 40cm,and a straight edge of 18cm on both sides.

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