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Fun climbing

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In reinforced concrete cities, more and more people fall in love with outdoor sports, go out of their homes, and embrace nature. Outdoor sports give us opportunities to challenge ourselves, cultivate personal perseverance, teamwork spirit, and improve our survivability in the wild. Therefore, more people are willing to go outdoors to experience the beautiful mountains and rivers and enjoy the pure breath of nature.

In addition to meeting friends to experience mountain climbing, rock climbing, skating, rafting and other sports outdoors, have you ever experienced fun jungle climbing together? Through the use of natural trees and unique atmosphere in the jungle, together with interesting climbing nets, tree houses, swings, etc., to increase the fun and comprehensive experience of the park, making it easier for visitors to experience to feel relaxed and happy Atmosphere, enjoy the comfort brought by nature.

Jungle climbing is suitable for people over 3 years old to experience and play. When climbing, children make them feel as if they are climbing a mountain or a big rock. The safe and adventurous challenge activities enable them to learn to overcome difficulties during climbing and cultivate tenacious Willpower and self-protection awareness, while enabling one's body to be improved.

climbing a mountain or a big rock

Jungle climbing is an amusement project built in the jungle with the help of tree trunks. Jungle climbing requires relatively low tree diameter. The tree diameter needs to be more than 15 cm to build a jungle project. Jungle climbing is low on the ground and belongs to low altitude. Play items. It can satisfy most people to climb and play.

You can reach the rope bridge through slides, jungle bridges, and climbing nets. Children can climb up, slide down, and experience swinging around in the jungle. The jungle crawl can mobilize the coordinated operation of all parts of the child's body, provide assistance to the child's overall development, promote the coordination of the child's body, and make their body more flexible and responsive.

Jungle climbing is a project that can be experienced in the form of a large team assembly line. It is also very suitable for parent-child family experience and play. Some levels require the coordination of parents and children to develop children's balance and physical coordination during the climbing process. Sex.

Outdoor unpowered parks are gradually becoming a new type of amusement products, and gradually forming a diversified combination with education, scenic spots, vacations and other development environments.


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