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German children's playground design sharing

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With the development of the children's playground industry, challenging children's amusement equipment has become more and more popular with children. It not only exercises the body, but also cultivates children's awareness of competition and challenge.

On the Schulberg mountain in Wiesbaden, Germany, there is also such a playground, and the rich and varied amusement facilities have attracted many people.

This German sculpture playground consists of 3 basic parts. The most important part is a three-dimensional frame, composed of two green steel pipes that meander and float between the trees, with a balanced distance and height.

The middle part of this structure is a ring surrounded by a dense climbing net, which can be used for a series of games for children.

The second component is a simulated landform enclosed by a climbing structure. The hills and rings made of soft rubber are surrounded by bunkers and surrounded by trees, which become amusement facilities for younger children. The spacious layout provides children with activities. Ample space.

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The third component is the boulevard formed by the wide passages surrounding the amusement square, where benches are provided for parents who take care of their children.

This playground is a work of space art. Because of its distinctive appearance and design, it becomes an extremely attractive playground and provides a series of complex game experiences for passengers.

The role of children in outdoor activities, city life and family travel is becoming more and more important, and it has become a key factor in determining family travel. For children in large tourist resorts, national parks, forest parks, botanical gardens or zoos. We set up an exclusive playground to attract more and more people's attention.

Children’s activity capacity and the scale of the venue required for activities is not very large, but how to design a children’s playground in a limited venue that is in harmony with the surrounding environment, and in this venue use children’s favorite ways to convey the overall environment Value and significance is a topic worth exploring!


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