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Hot Style Of Outdoor Combined Slide At Home

The whole slide adopts the materials of plastic, solid wood, stainless steel and so on, and the material is selected according to your wanted effect. Generally speaking, combined slide of plastic material is mostly used in kindergartens. Because plastic material has strong plasticity, and it’s easy to transform colors, it’s of great importance to use plastic combined slide in many places.
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Product Parameter

Material Galvanized Steel, Steel, Color powder coating or PVC coating.
Recommended Ages 5-15
Apply for Outdoor Playground
Color customized available
Brand Liben
Warranty 1 year.

Free 2D and 3D designs

-Product Name: PE plate children’s outdoor slide equipment

-Product brand: Liben Group

-Product colors: random or customized

-Using material:engineering plastic, PE board, galvanized steel pipe

-Product usage: cultivate children’s independent personality, exercise their body, strengthen their brain and enhance their intelligence. Not limited by the site, it can be    installed no matter indoor or outdoor or the irregular site, and it’s easy to manage.

-Age of use: 3 and above

-Transportation and installation: high quality logistics transportation with soft roll and wooden frame fixed all the way, and guarantee all the goods will not destroyed; the professional installing worker will always track project progress.


Product introduction

PE plate series is one of the most popular small amusement products in market, compared with general amusement equipment, the feature of PE plate series is the bright colors, changeable playing methods, reliable quality, and no high requirements for the setting location, which can let children get more interests.

The children’s outdoor playground equipment produced with the material of PE has more high-end technological skills. At the same time, the strict product performance can ensure the high efficiency. For players, what’s the most important to go to the outdoor playground is the experience effect. How to have higher efficiency? It depends on the using material of products, and PE polyethylene material has the advantage of heat-resisting, wear-resisting and avirulent.

PE plate outdoor combined slide has the functions of anti-static, great intense, safe and environmentally friendly, and the water absorption is relatively low, so no matter heavy rain or light rain, it has little influence on outdoor equipment. Compared with general material equipment, equipment with this kind of material has more advantages. So the price will be a little higher, but the specific amount of money needs to be considered comprehensively.



-Q:What kind of equipment is suitable for protection against rain?

  A:It’s the best to use playground equipment with the material of PE plate. Low water absorption, wear well and durable, and anti-static.

-Q:What’s the price of children’s outdoor combined slide?

 A:There is no fixed price and unified answer for outdoor playground equipment. Take the actual sale price as a reference when you purchase.

-Q:Who are the appropriate crowd for outdoor playground equipment?

 A: Children, teenagers, the middle-aged and elderly.



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