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How Can The Water Park Make Good Use Of The Epidemic Window Period?

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Recently, as good news about the epidemic has continued, many scenic spots have successively announced plans to reopen, which is undoubtedly good news compared to most water parks that operate in summer. Because of this sudden epidemic, people realize the fragile side of the tourism industry, and the problems of enterprises can be most exposed in times of crisis. The moment is a good time for all tourism practitioners to reflect and learn. It is very rare to make good use of the window period of this epidemic.

After the outbreak, tourists' requirements for public health, epidemic prevention, and psychology will be significantly improved, and the spread of the Internet is also very strong. Water parks need to think deeply, prepare, and increase investment in these aspects. It can be judged that a new era in the operation of water parks after the epidemic is coming, and it may also generate new operational pressures on managers.

tourists' requirements

Especially during the epidemic, technology has become the only tool for people to connect with the outside world. The next step in the implementation of smart water parks should be a key consideration for major parks in the future. These include real-name verification, AI and infrared temperature measurement, and automatic temperature measurement and ticketing schemes for intelligent gate control and release.

Make good use of the window period, it is rare to have such a long idle time for the management of the water park, which can be used as a good time for the construction of the water park and the internal training of the enterprise.


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