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How should the water park be designed and planned?

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Water parks are a new force in the amusement industry. Both adults and children are very fond of it, especially in the hot summer, the cool water park is their paradise, the sea of people in the artificial wave pool, the cheerful figure of the water slide, the infinite joy of the water trampoline... etc. The scenes make people really feel the enthusiasm and joy of summer.

Even in theme parks, the existence of water parks is relatively independent and unique. So in the development and construction of theme water parks, you need to pay attention to what can be done in a market where competition has gradually become more homogeneous. To complete the thoughtful experience?

The design must start from the characteristics of the water park, and combine the unique functions of the water park on the general basis of the amusement park to form a more detailed design and planning plan.

Water parks have a unique water-themed play nature. Sufficient research must be done on issues such as safety, site selection and theme. Therefore, the following principles should be considered as much as possible in the planning and design of water parks:

1.From the perspective of the water park planning ratio-the facility area and the recreation area should be distinguished, and the space ratio should be appropriate. Among them, the wave pool needs to be arranged in the center of the water park, and the children's pool should be set up with enough leisure space to provide a good experience for the elderly and women who are inconvenient to enter the water.

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2.From the perspective of tourist safety-the peak period of tourists in July and August each year is prone to accidents. Therefore, the rescue channel is an important factor that must be considered when designing the water park. In addition, the readability and clarity of signs and signs in some aisle areas are more important.

3.From the perspective of service implementation in the scenic spot-in terms of facility setting details, the necessary supporting showers in the water park can be open, without doors or curtains, which can save space and scenic resources during peak tourist periods. You can set up a few more food purchase points, which are distributed in a wide range, which is convenient for tourists to purchase. At the same time, management issues must be taken into account and not pollute the water in the scenic area.

4.From the aspect of setting the landscape details-there must be a commanding height, setting the commanding height of the scenic spot, and commanding the whole park, while allowing visitors to experience the fun of climbing high and looking into the distance and seeing the panoramic view of the scenic spot. In addition, rafting rivers, paddling pools, sloping slides, etc. are several indispensable elements of the water park. When designing, pay attention to the jungle atmosphere, the water quality must be clear, the setting of the river is reasonable, and the flow rate and the depth of the pool must be controlled.


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