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How to plan and design mountain outdoor parks?

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Preserving the original ecological design, mountain outdoor exploration parks require artificial construction, while outdoor sports require the original ecological environment. There is a contradiction between the two.Mountain outdoor exploration parks need to follow the principles of ecological construction methods from planning and design to construction, that is, on the basis of preserving the original environment, after artificial transformation, ecological restoration, and trying to ensure the functional requirements, from visual and hydrological , The environment is kept in its original state in order to achieve the purpose of maintaining water and soil and maintaining ecology. Under this requirement, the landscape design in the mountain outdoor exploration park emphasizes simulating the natural original environment, and the artificial facilities emphasize the combination of obvious and hidden, so as to achieve a completely different style from urban reasons and ordinary forest parks. The ecological construction method needs to be made by hand, and machinery cannot be used on a large scale, which greatly promotes the improvement of the construction level of local workers during the construction process.

Mountain outdoor exploration parks

Attract people by leisure with beautiful scenery, and keep people by outdoor sports. Compared with traditional sports resorts, mountain outdoor exploration parks are more attractive to ordinary tourists and have a wider audience due to the supporting scenery, food and beautiful houses. Compared with traditional landscape leisure resorts, mountain outdoor sports are repeatable and The advanced type can effectively satisfy ordinary tourists' desires for curiosity and self-challenge, and can effectively extend vacation time, enrich vacation content, and increase customer unit prices.

There is also project site selection. Transportation must be as convenient and diverse as possible. It is best to rely on well-known scenic spots or tourist distribution centers to ensure a stable and continuous source of tourists and a high level of consumption. Transportation and geographic location will affect the size of the park. Diversified topography can provide better environmental conditions, which is conducive to the diversification of the project, and at the same time minimize the scale of later manual construction.

Particularly important is the management team building, management and operation throughout the construction of mountain theme parks. Professionals who do professional things, have experience in the construction and operation of relevant theme parks and understand the operation team of mountain sports projects are essential to the development of mountain theme parks.


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