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How to plan outdoor recreational sports parks?

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Under the new crown epidemic this year, a number of new models, new formats and new products have been spawned. In addition to the current hot e-commerce platforms serving various vertical life fields and innovative and shared cross-border cooperation, online education, online office, online entertainment, and other Similar online tools have also gained unprecedented popularity. However, various online experiences have obvious pain points due to context, technology or space constraints. Leisure sports are an important part of human life, and the important position of outdoor leisure will be more and more prominent by the consumer psychology of this special period.

Outdoor sports and leisure due to the superior natural ecological environment, outdoor open space has a significant positive impact on human health, coupled with the current self-driving travel mode is convenient, fast and free of movement characteristics, its travel rate is still relatively large during the stable period of the epidemic Promote.

Outdoor sports and leisure

At present, there are two dimensions of "leisure" and "sports" in the cognition of outdoor leisure sports space.

Outdoor leisure is a non-competitive outdoor leisure activity that is carried out in a non-competitive form to achieve leisure purposes in the wilderness space and rural space as the main venues. Outdoor sports is a general term for sports activities that people develop in a natural-based environment with human or natural forces.

At present, there are two dimensions of "leisure" and "sports" in the cognition of outdoor leisure sports space.

At present, the homogenization of outdoor leisure products is relatively serious. In order to maintain strong competitiveness in actual operations, distinctive features with prominent themes and content are also the key to victory.

Sports park is a kind of outdoor leisure. With the theme of "sports", it provides people with a garden environment that is more professional, scientific, safe, and meets sports requirements, and at the same time meets people's needs for leisure, relaxation and tourism.


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