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How to purchase children's outdoor slides

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Children's outdoor slides have different uses, including simple equipment and complex equipment. The former is mostly used for free and is widely used in kindergartens, shopping malls, government procurement projects, and community green spaces. The latter is a fee-based item, and the purchasers are generally for-profit places such as amusement parks, naughty castles, and children's palaces, and they need to be purchased according to their purposes.

First, children's naughty castle

Many cities have built entertainment projects such as naughty castles for young children. The necessary facilities also include outdoor slides for children. Of course, most of this equipment is made of cheap materials, such as special hard plastics. As a profit organization, they will use slide projects. Pack tickets with other items. The size and height of the equipment are designed according to the game. Generally, they are of the type of manned care.

Second, use in shopping malls

In order to facilitate the purchase of adults, the mall will place a batch of children's play equipment at the entrance or on the open land, including slide projects. Most of these equipment are provided for free to play, requiring simple structure, low maintenance, no human supervision, and cost. It is also necessary to compress as much as possible. Most of this equipment adopts the public version design and is mass-produced without tailor-made.


Third, the playground

Outdoor playgrounds like complex children's slides, which are often connected to other projects, such as slides connected to trampolines, rock climbing connected to slides, with single-plank bridges in the middle, and even composite slides, which are the highest standards in the industry and are costly. The manufacturing cycle is long, and most of these devices are charged for a single charge. Because of this, the cost recovery is fast, and they are customized products.

Fourth, material selection

In the case of public land, shopping malls, and kindergartens, most of the cheap slides used in kindergartens are combined with plastic and rubber. Some government green spaces are often used for a long time, and even cement and ceramic tiles are still used. High-end gaming venues need to charge fees. High-grade, at the same time the structure is very complex, has begun to use stainless steel or lighter aluminum alloys, these products are more durable, will not be affected by climate change, the future sale of second-hand equipment can still be discounted.

Children's outdoor slides have different design and production requirements due to different purchasers. If you are a purchaser, you must choose according to the direction of use and whether to charge or not. Under normal circumstances, there are public version designs on the market, and even manufacturers have inventory. The order can be delivered and installed immediately. Unless it is a large commercial organization that has critical requirements for the game, the design and production will be organized. There are also national standards for this customized product.


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