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How to realize the integration of children's playground with the community environment

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The fashionable and exquisite recreation area in the residential district is not only a part of the landscape in the district, but also the most important leisure and entertainment place in the daily life of the residents in the district. Therefore, the recreation area has an important influence on the quality of life of the residents in the district. So, how should the designer rationally arrange such an important amusement area? I will explain to you one by one below.

1.The theme should be coordinated with the community environment

The public area in the residential community is a continuous whole, so each part must be coordinated with each other to provide a pleasing public environment for the residents in the community. As an important part of the community, the amusement area should also be in harmony with the environment in the community in terms of theme, color, appearance, etc.

public area

2.Make full use of vertical space

Residential areas in cities are generally located in areas with an inch of land. How to make good use of the public space in the community is a difficult problem in design. In the residential area where the horizontal space is restricted, the designer should make full use of the vertical space of the play area. For example, with the help of a basin-style layout and the use of height differences, slides, climbing frames, climbing walls, etc. are installed on sloped slopes, and facilities such as sand pools and trampolines are installed at the bottom of the basin.

3.Taking into account the needs of residents of different age groups

The amusement area in a residential community is a public entertainment place, so it needs to take into account the needs of residents of different age groups, and the age structure of the residents in the community is relatively complicated. Therefore, in the design of the amusement area, fitness equipment, combined slides, The combination of different types of equipment and facilities, such as Sense, Music, etc., can meet the needs of residents of all ages in the community and increase the richness of the residents'daily entertainment and exercise methods.

In short, if you want to create an amusement area that is both ornamental and interesting in a residential area, the designer must fully consider the location of the amusement area, and at the same time consider environmental themes, space planning, and residents'needs. Inside.


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