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How to supervise the manufacture of outdoor children's amusement park equipment

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Outdoor children's amusement park equipment is characterized by novelty, stimulating, enlightening, and educational for children. It requires a clear understanding of the industry to select the best among many manufacturers. For several consecutive years, funds from various sources have poured into the air. A large number of companies have been registered. Among them, the advantages and disadvantages are different. It is worthwhile for the purchasing unit to distinguish carefully. Several important issues must be clarified.

First, the main business of the manufacturer

Outdoor children's amusement park equipment is a gate category with more than 100 branches. These projects are still increasing. No manufacturer can take all of the industry chain. Therefore, each manufacturer will choose 1~2 main projects and 5~6 subsidiary projects. Project, but if there is an order, the other party will definitely take it, and then find a way to subcontract to other businesses, which not only pushes up the price, but also brings about product after-sales problems.


Second, whether the manufacturer has qualifications

The surge in industry orders in the past two years has to a certain extent promoted the influx of many manufacturers into the field. Some companies start construction first and then supplement their qualifications. A larger number of small and medium-sized enterprises can build houses in suburban areas, organize production, and produce conditions. It is relatively simple, and the professionalism of the personnel is also doubtful. If there is no production qualification, you may encounter trouble in the final acceptance stage of the product, or even fail to pass the acceptance.

Third, understand the supply chain

If you order large outdoor amusement equipment, the manufacturing cycle is long and there are many subsystems involved. The manufacturer has to outsource the project and package it into several sub-projects. For example, the roller coaster needs a computerized control system, track monitoring system, and car body manufacturing. Rail facility construction, etc., millions of projects will be jointly completed by 5-6 manufacturers. The more manufacturing forces involved, the greater the subsequent integration problems. The purchaser cannot be the shopkeeper. The contract needs to be signed to avoid Problems occurred later.

Fourth, take the initiative

This kind of large-scale procurement project can easily reach millions of funds, and may even reach tens of millions of funds. The factory will require the purchaser to settle the payment in advance and purchase raw materials to organize production. If all the expenses are settled, it will lead to slack in the later work. Party B Unable to supervise, if you want to take the initiative, you should package the project into 4 phases, and the balance is 25%.

Outdoor children's amusement park equipment includes simple and small equipment, as well as large-scale and complex equipment. Only by focusing on the manufacturer's qualifications, understanding the supply chain behind it, and participating in the production and acceptance process can subsequent use problems be avoided. The purchaser must be aware of , To reduce the risk of later use.


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