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Industry status and future trends of outdoor large-scale amusement facilities

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Outdoor large-scale amusement facilities have a wide range of markets both at home and abroad, and the products are selling well because the new baby boom will bring huge momentum to the market. In addition, the influence of Chinese manufacturing has become increasingly prominent, and manufacturers have begun to increase. The industry chain is gradually being completed. At present, industry data and industry scale can explain the problem.

First, related institutions

There are thousands of design merchants engaged in outdoor large-scale amusement facilities, and many of them are large-scale design companies with world qualifications. They have their own laboratories and verification mechanisms. The emergence of complex computer software has turned the original manual drawings into CAD drawings. The equipment development cycle is greatly shortened.

Second, industrial workers

At present, the number of industrial workers engaged in the manufacturing of this type of equipment and facilities is estimated to reach millions, distributed in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry, from suppliers, material manufacturers, manufacturers, maintenance teams, sales teams, and manufacturers with production qualifications across the country. For the first time, it exceeded 10,000, and the huge production capacity provided domestic and foreign orders.


Third, the scale of the industry

The total value of outdoor equipment used for export exceeds more than 40 billion U.S. dollars each year, and domestic sales have reached 170 billion yuan. my country’s internal demand has maintained double-digit growth for four consecutive years. It is estimated that by 2025, the industry’s output value will be Double the existing basis.

Fourth, industrial collaboration

With the increasing difficulty of equipment and products, the original single-family production is no longer suitable. Cross-industry cooperation and even global cooperation are now commonplace. In the production of high-precision outdoor amusement equipment, foreign countries provide drawings and standards. Manufacturers complete the manufacturing of parts through mutual authorization, and finally assemble in a certain manufacturer.

Fifth, the existing problems

Since some unqualified manufacturers have just entered the industry in the last 5 years, they do not have complete production qualifications, and they do not have the qualifications to set standards. These manufacturers have small production capacity and are small-scale production. In the big waves, the products are mixed with good and bad products. Has a negative impact on industry reputation.

Outdoor large-scale amusement facilities are a product that will inevitably expand demand when the national economy develops to a certain stage. People need it, and minors are the main consumer group. In the future, new equipment will be fully integrated with this power structure and controlled by electronic chips. For example, larger roller coasters, pirate ships, ferris wheels, small tourist trains, etc., are safer, more fun, and larger, all of which are obvious.


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