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Jungle traversal

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Jungle traversal is a sport carried out on trees. It is an outdoor sport that integrates adventure, sports, entertainment and challenges.And  jungle crossing is not a boring exercise like running. It connects trees together to form a long challenge line. Wooden suspended trails, tires, swings, and rope nets seem to have very challenging desires. This is its The charm lies. Through these many levels with different difficulties, different styles, and super exciting levels, you will experience the super pleasure of falling from high altitude and free gliding!

jungle crossing

Jungle Leap is a healthy and fashionable green outdoor development activity, advocating the outdoor adventure concept of "entertainment, green, ecology, low carbon and safety". It is very suitable for major scenic spots and forest parks. The original tree resources are used to creatively open up a brand-new amusement space. The stylish and natural shape design of the adventure will add icing to the scenery of the scenic spot and make the scenic spot shine.

The construction of the project will strictly abide by EU standards. Adventure Adventure has professional staff training, regular safety inspections of facilities and equipment, and professional instructors for on-site demonstration and guidance, super safe.


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