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Liben Preschool Children's Outdoor Playground Amusement Equipment

Customized outdoor children’s slides are becoming more and more popular, and public slides have been set up in many public places. It is precisely because of the increasing market demand, many investors value the business opportunities and have set up their own investment abacus. The price of an outdoor little Doctor slide is also very affordable, around 600 to 1000 yuan per square meter.
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The product is a multi-functional amusement project, which integrates slide, ring bridge, climbing frame, swing, space swing machine and other sports products in the form of sliding, jumping, climbing, rocking, walking and other sports to exercise children’s sense of balance, touch, judgement and teamwork consciousness. Let the amusement work fully take children into their lives.

Unpowered outdoor playground equipment can not only make many children happy ,but also exercise thier body and enhance their intelligence. our combined slide has rich functional playing methods, which can be adopted to a wide range of people, and it has more opportunities to explore the market.


Material Galvanized Steel, Engineering Plastic
Recommended Ages Above 3 years old.
Apply for Outdoor Playground
Color Yellow and green, customized available
Tubes Galvanized Steel
Brand Liben
Warranty 1 year.

Free 2D and 3D designs


Q:Why choose imported engineering plastic as the material to produce combined slide?

A:No matter from the production phase, purity or production technology, imported engineering plastic is better.

Q:How to choose the component supplier of outdoor combined slide?

A:It’s better to choose the components of customization manufacturer, and you can consult directly if any question.

Q:How much is the combined slide?

A:The prices of different sizes and theme customized shapes have big differences, consult Liben customer service for details.

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