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Mountain outdoor park

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In recent years, with the continuous development of global tourism, mountain outdoor tourism is rising rapidly, becoming an important force to promote the development of global tourism. So what should we do if the planning and design of mountain outdoor parks are entangled?

The characteristic of the Mountain Outdoor Exploration Park is that it will give the experiencers a real mountain outdoor sports experience. Mountain Outdoor Discovery Park is different from traditional expansion bases and tree adventure parks. It is in a real environment, allowing visitors to experience authentic outdoor sports. For example, visitors can experience the caving project in the mountain outdoor exploration park. Although the caves explored in the project are mature routes that have undergone comprehensive surveys and are equipped with detailed maps, they are Put on professional clothing, wear headlights, and move forward like a real caver. There will be no guardrails, street lights, or steps, but a complete and original experience of feeling the darkness, depression, and the unknown. Compared with traditional cave tourism, feeling is completely two concepts.

Mountain outdoor tourism is a sport suitable for the whole people. Everyone can feel the charm of life and the wisdom of nature and learn a lot from the process of participation.

At the same time, this is a very suitable activity for parents and children. Parents and children can enhance feelings and increase communication through activities. In this process, the child can learn a lot of knowledge that is usually not available in textbooks, and it can also enhance his outdoor survival ability.


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