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New outdoor unpowered amusement equipment

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The tourism industry is facing a considerable impact this year, of course due to special circumstances, but the original competition situation is not optimistic. Reasonable planning of scenic resources and the upgrading of supporting facilities are urgent matters for the real tourism industry.

As an outdoor unpowered amusement equipment, the rope climbing project has a good sense of experience for both young people and children. This is an amusement project that requires everyone to devote themselves to it. During the experience, everyone needs to concentrate and strengthen. , Perseverance can climb success, and enjoy the process.

The large-scale project recommended here, Sky City, is an integrator of rope climbing. There are currently projects completed and under construction all over the country. It is not a simple amusement equipment in itself, but many unpowered Equipment integration projects, and can be freely combined, such as common slides, trampolines, flying ropeways, swings, climbing and other amusement equipment are pushed into the air to form a play experience that can leave the ground, so it is called the city of the sky. These integrated projects can bring you an extraordinary sense of experience in mid-air, and this experience is a big boost for the scenic spot!

outdoor unpowered amusement equipment

The construction of scenic spots is generally centered on its rich natural scenery resources or mellow local culture and customs, but in fact, considering the need for more inclusiveness and deeper attraction, we need to consider all kinds of people from all over, different ages Level groups, what different experiences do they need in the scenic area?

Appreciating the scenery and experiencing culture is something that needs to be presented in the first place. It is a good direction to organize some lively or interesting activities on these foundations. This direction is aimed at children groups. When playing outdoors, capture Their points of interest. Smart Run Maze is a good display project to bring children’s favorite maze games to the real outdoor natural environment. This relatively fresh experience has a good effect on the vitality of the scenic spot, even in those For the scenic spots of famous mountains, big rivers, rivers, lakes and seas, traveling is not necessarily a pure appreciation, and a full-hearted experience is enough for a hearty experience.


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