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Outdoor Large Combined Playground Equipment

Each accessory of combined slide can be distinguished by colors, at the same time, it will brighten up people’s eyes and have a good effect by the combination of different colors. The harmonious collocation between colors and the collection between plastic parts are suitable for children’s play and enhance children’s intellectual development.
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The products of combined slide series are variously designed according to different playground equipment, which makes the present outdoor playgrounds, kindergartens, communities, schools and children’s palaces have relatively bigger space, and create a happy atmosphere for children. At the same time, each equipment designed by Liben combined slide paradise is innovative, generous and high-end, meeting children’s demands and interests.

outdoor playground equipment can not only make many children happy ,but also exercise thier body and enhance their intelligence. our combined slide has rich functional playing methods, which can be adopted to a wide range of people, and it has more opportunities to explore the market.

 If a manufacturer even don’t have these basis qualifications, it’s necessary to quickly go to next inspection.


Material Galvanized Steel, Engineering Plastic
Recommended Ages Above 3 years old.
Apply for Outdoor Playground
Color Yellow and green, customized available
Tubes Galvanized Steel
Brand Liben
Warranty 1 year.

Free 2D and 3D designs


Q:How much is outdoor Little Doctor children’s combined slide?

A:The price of small toy slide is in the range of 300 to 1000 yuan, large indoor and outdoor slide is in the range of 3000 yuan to 50 thousand yuan, and the support will also be different.

Q:Which brand of outdoor children’s slide is better?

A:Compared with general slide, combined slide designed by Wenzhou Liben Group is more innovative, and there are more functional projects at the same time .

Q:What size of children’s slide is better?

A:The slope angle of the slide climbing ladder is about 70 degrees, the width is 40cm, the height of the ladder is 6 cm. The skateboard has a dip angle of 30-35 degrees, a width of 40cm,and a straight edge of 18cm on both sides.

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