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Outdoor amusement equipment usher in big business opportunities

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 With the gradual control of the epidemic, outdoor tourism and amusement have become more formal. Many scenic spots, parks, and amusement parks are full of people every day and need to be controlled to reduce the flow of people. Therefore, outdoor amusement has become a favorite item for people to relax and relieve stress.

The water park is a more seasonal project. It is composed of inflatable pools, bracket pools, inflatable water slides, inflatable large slides, water clearance, and water floats. Generally, it is divided into children's area, adult area, and parent-child area, which are planned and designed for different venue specifications, geographic locations, and audiences. This is an outdoor amusement project that can cool and escape the summer heat, parent-child interaction, and team building. It is most suitable for the current high temperature weather.

water park

The clouds in the sky are out of reach, but the bouncing clouds on the ground can be played at will. It does not need to be driven continuously by electricity. The material is made of wear-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, self-cleaning high-strength tension air film to ensure that the outer film remains as clean as new after being washed by tourists for a long time. Bouncing clouds are shaped like white clouds, like running clouds and flowing water. The size is designed according to the site environment, and the appearance is not repeated. It can jump, sit, slide, lie down, and is suitable for family leisure and fun. There is no age limit.


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