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Outdoor children's park

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Children's Park is an urban professional park for preschool and school-age children to play games, entertainment, sports activities, and popularize culture and science. The purpose of constructing a children’s park is to create a variety of good conditions for children focusing on outdoor activities, so that children can be exposed to nature, familiar with nature, contact science, and love science during activities, thereby exercising their bodies, increasing their knowledge, and making It grows up healthily in moral, intellectual and physical aspects.

Because the children's park serves mainly toddlers, school-age children, adolescents, and accompanying parents. As the main visitors, infants, school-age children and adolescents have their own physical, psychological, and physical characteristics due to different age groups. In the planning of functional zoning of children's parks, different activity areas must be divided according to their conditions.

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Children's playground: This kind of playground has small houses for games, rest pavilions, corridors, and pavilions for parents to rest. Green hedges or colored low walls are often used around the children’s playground. Generally, the playground is pocket-shaped with as few entrances as possible. The activity equipment in this area should be smooth and concise, with rounded corners as much as possible to avoid bruising.

School-age children activity area: The service targets in this area are mainly primary and second grade children. General facilities include: spiral slides, swings, climbing frames, etc. In addition, there must also be a place for group activities, a wading pool for water activities, and an obstacle activity community. Where conditions permit, you can also set up indoor activities such as youth homes and popular science exhibition rooms.

Sports activity area: teenagers and children are in the growth and development stage, so the sports activity area in the children's park is a very important activity content. Sports activities carried out in the park environment have an elegant and comfortable feeling.


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