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Outdoor climbing park

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With the rapid development of economy and technology, the types of children's playgrounds have gradually increased, both in terms of design, color matching, and fun. Parents are also more willing to take their children out to experience some parent-child amusement projects.

In order for children to release their vitality to the full, they can be taken to climb. Climbing is a basic activity for cultivating children's mobility. Through climbing, you can exercise children's physical coordination ability, and control your body and master balance through climbing. Climbing is the nature of children, and children are more interested in some climbing projects. This is also the reason that many scenic spots, camps, playgrounds and other places have various types of climbing facilities. Today we recommend several fun climbing projects to everyone.

The jungle climbing project is an outdoor amusement project built in the jungle, even in the hot summer, you can enjoy climbing and playing. Jungle climbing is suitable for children and young people of different ages to experience play. You can experience the joy of climbing without safety equipment. In the jungle climbing project, children can experience climbing up, sliding down, swinging, etc., and reach the rope bridge after passing through steel pipes, jungle bridges, slides, and climbing nets.

Outdoor climbing park

The Jungle Magic Net project is a jungle project that can jump, roll, climb, and play interactively built with the help of big trees or columns. It can meet the needs of people of all ages. It is an amusement project suitable for family and parent-child activities. You can jump, play, and climb up on the magic net.

The interesting bionic paradise is a bionic project designed with natural wood as the main raw material. The bionic paradise is based on the themes of animals and plants, and then integrates log climbing, rope climbing, obstacle climbing, slides, decorative sketches and other elements. Not only is there a variety of shapes, but it can also stimulate the children's physical potential and exercise courage. It is the best stage for every little warrior to flex their muscles!

The fun wooden house paradise is not just an ordinary wooden house, it can also be equipped with a rotating staircase, a wooden ladder, a soft rope ladder, or by installing some grab or foot ramps, etc., allowing children to pass through different ways and paths Arrive at the wooden house, thereby increasing the fun of the wooden house.

Climbing the tower is a project that challenges courage and perseverance. Through step-by-step climbing, the inner fear is constantly overcome, and finally the summit succeeds.


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