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Outdoor sports

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Sandbags and rubber bands accompany a group of people to spend an unforgettable childhood. Now there are more games that children can play. Compared with the previous generation, many children have played skateboards and cars, and Many unpowered rides.

During the holidays, stop grabbing the children for tuition and extracurricular classes. Play more outdoor sports with them, expand exercise in the unpowered park, and increase mutual feelings. The company of parents is very important for the children.

Outdoor sports and non-powered parks were initially popular in European and American countries. With the continuous improvement of the quality of life and the pursuit of health, our lifestyle and entertainment methods have gradually changed.

extracurricular classes

Unpowered amusement facilities in theme parks, scenic spots, and commercial real estate supporting fields have gradually increased, and many amusement facilities in unpowered parks have begun to emerge and appear in people's vision.

According to the type of experience, the amusement facilities of the unpowered park can be classified into challenge type, interactive type, and experience type. As long as the interest of children is captured, it is equivalent to attracting the attention of parents.

The children’s outdoor entertainment area integrates adventure elements such as climbing hills, riding ropes, riding slides, swinging, playing in the water, playing in the sand, running, competing, and exploring into the playground design, allowing children to experience the game and play. Explore, discover, and enjoy new things.


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