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Pay attention to these points when playing games

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Now many large shopping malls, kindergartens or outdoor playgrounds have climbing frames for children, which are very helpful to exercise children's muscle strength and physical coordination, but they have higher age requirements, and shopping malls and other places rarely have them. Specialized staff have special teaching for children who climb on the climbing frame. It is easy to fall off and cause danger. When children are playing climbing games, they must be accompanied by adults, especially young children. It is best to master certain skills before climbing, such as teaching children how to achieve safe climbing and safe descent. It is best for children to choose places that are not too dense to play, so as not to influence each other due to crowding.


Bouncy castles are very common in playgrounds, large shopping malls, and business promotion sites, and children also like to play with their friends in them. In recent years, news such as children jumping out of bouncy castles and being injured, bouncy castles being blown up by strong winds are common news, parents must pay attention to it. If your child wants to play in a bouncy castle, try to choose an indoor or a fixed bouncy castle. Before entering the bouncy castle, remove the sharp objects from the child to prevent the child from stabbing during the game. Tell your children not to play on the edge of the bouncy castle, so as not to fall or hit the protective net.

Trampoline is a kind of game that many children like. The body is bounced high on the trampoline to give the children a feeling of flying in the sky. However, trampoline is also a very dangerous sport. If you don't pay attention, you can get a bruise and swollen face from a fall. In severe cases, you may even be paralyzed. The trampoline has a great impact on the body, and it is not recommended for children under 6 to play. Try to choose a trampoline with safety belts to prevent the child from falling down. Tell your children not to play difficult moves on the trampoline, especially somersaults. Grasp the time when the child is playing games to prevent the child from having physical problems due to too long playing time.


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