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Review: Ten classic outdoor space design cases for children in the world(1)

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In 2015, Carve and Playpoint won the bid to design an expedition slide in Jewel Changi Airport designed by Moshe Safdie Architects. The newly developed airport project includes shopping malls, attraction parks and gardens, all in front of Terminal 1. This attractive attraction is located at the highest point in Canopy Park. There are more than 1,400 trees, palm trees and other attractions in the covered park. The project creates an ultimate airport experience, attracting people to Singapore Changi Airport.

amusement park-1

In the Carve design concept, the playground is designed as a gem-like sculpture, and the slides, stairs and rope climbing are all carved and exposed, showing the colorful interior space of gems. In this way, the playground has a duality; it is both a gem set on the fifth floor of Jewel Changi Airport and a game sculpture with attractive slides hidden inside. First, the entire structure of the curved shell is made of mirror tiling. The project co-designed with the owner is presented as a continuous smooth polished steel surface wrapped in three cones that accommodate the large passage platform. The slide is a dazzling gem in the green forest valley of the park, attracting people from afar. The shell is in the form of liquid mercury, reflecting the dynamic and beautiful surroundings. It guides and emphasizes the attention to the surrounding environment, allowing passengers to experience the infinite and surreal scenes of themselves and their surroundings. The rubber pattern on the floor is designed to form a spiral abstract reflection on the playground shell.

The observation deck of the amusement park is the highest accessible area in the airport complex, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful scene of the entire terminal building. It makes this game sculpture an attractive place for mass entertainment and socialization, and it also attracts children and families of all ages to take risks and play here. Climbing up and down on the challenging slide, sliding from the cone to the bottom exclaimed a good experience, allowing visitors to come back here again and again.

amusement park

The bright yellow sculpture contains four slides: a family slide, a steep drop slide and two glass spiral slides that slide from the highest point. The exploration slide sculpture has a hyperbolic steel shell. Curved glass is used as a fence on the viewing platform and as a wrapper at the double spiral slide that slides down from the highest point. The fiber optic lights are concentrated on the rubber ground around the sculpture, the spot lights are installed on the highest cone, and the LED light strip is located on the edge of the curved glass railing. An air conditioning system is also used on the sculpture viewing platform. When children play on the slides next to the roof, they can have a comfortable temperature.

The exploration slide playground has a span of over 18 meters and a length of 16.7 meters. The highest point of the platform is 7.5 meters. The installation is produced and constructed in three different places in the world, and it is indeed a very complex and unique game sculpture. From design to final realization, the project lasted more than two years.


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