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Review: Ten classic outdoor space design cases for children in the world(2)

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2.The colorful and safe children's playground in Turkey

The design team is very careful. In order to ensure the safety of the children, the height of the game facilities in the venue is not different. This is to facilitate parents to supervise the children and avoid accidents. The colorful appearance of the game facilities attracts the attention of a large number of children. They can not only enjoy the magnificent landscape of nature, but also experience the fun of adventure anytime, anywhere. Parents can monitor the safety of their children at any time from the adjacent booth.

If parents are at ease, they can also rest on the bench outside the playground. Not far from the entrance of the playground, there is a play area specially set up for children. Here, children can engage in various sports activities, such as rock climbing and roller skating. In short, the amusement park facilities are very sound, children can play here as much as they want. They play on trampolines, sit on round wheels, climb nets, sleep on hammocks, slides and so on.

children's playground

3. Singapore Children's Park

The children's park is located in the Singapore garden. It is the crystallization of nature, science, landscape and art. It is designed by Grant Associates. The colorful children's garden fully demonstrates Singapore's characteristics-diverse tropical landscapes.

The children's park is mainly divided into 4 play areas, a water play area with advanced technology; a tropical rain forest area, which contains elevated tree houses, adventure trails, climbing facilities and an amphitheater; two children with rest areas Dedicated play area. In addition to these recreation areas, there are also some other landscape areas, such as mangrove wetland, kingfisher lake and so on. In order to provide visitors with an opportunity to learn gardening knowledge, a theme park composed of many elevated banyan tree houses was built.


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