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Review: Ten classic outdoor space design cases for children in the world(3)

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4. 2015 Milan Expo Children's Park

The eight exhibitions on the walking path provide children with interesting learning experiences, showing all aspects of the core theme of Expo Milano 2015, "Supplying the Earth: Energy for Life". The one-hour tour includes all eight exhibitions and organizes simple interactive games (typical school class size) for groups of about 25 people.

Compared with the common domestic "fitness equipment type" and "theme park type" children's park design, this project can be described as a good textbook model, using the ingenious structure of the architectural space and the unique ingenuity of color matching to capture all age groups The hearts of the crowd.

In the children's park, on the raised platform, there are eight scenic linear gardens, with giant spool wooden grids for exhibitions and children's activities to shelter from wind and rain. Fragments of domesticating nature, nature and artificial coexistence, the design of the exhibition highlights the language of nature, contrary to the more formal architectural language.

children's park design

5, Sydney Blaxland Riverside Park landscape

Sydney Blaxland Riverside Park was designed by JMD Design. It is located on Jamieson and Homebush Street in Sydney, Australia, covering an area of approximately 20,500 square meters.

Blaxland Riverside Park is part of the Sydney Olympic Park. The park is next to the Parramatta River, built on a vast grassland and sweet round hills. This is a very spectacular modern high-tech playground. It is known as the largest free children's playground in Sydney. There are not too many fences in the design, and the tree house and swing are decorated with a trendy appearance.

This park, including the playground, is free. The park is equipped with large swings, tunnel slides, scramble walls, runners, multi-level tree houses, etc., providing children with a variety of activities and challenges. The sites of each project have no sand pits, no bark, and colorful foam sponges. This material is really novel and it feels very good to step on.

This is an outdoor space very suitable for children to play. The open play area and unique activity space allow children to run and play freely and truly enjoy outdoor freedom.


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