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Review: Ten classic outdoor space design cases for children in the world(4)

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6. Osdorp Oever Playground in the Netherlands

This is the Osdorp Oever playground in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, designed by Carve. This project is one of the plans for leisure development in the Lake District. The shopping center in the east of the project will be extended and transformed into the core area of the new west of Amsterdam. In order to achieve this goal, the relationship with the shore of the lake is particularly important to the plan. The urban part of the Lake District is designed as a seaside balcony with entertainment and restaurant functions. The establishment of a playground on the prominent position of the seaside balcony is to strengthen the connection between the shopping area and the lake.

Children's Art Amusement Park        7. Landscape of Melbourne Children's Art Amusement Park

The project site is located between Birrarung Marr Park and Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne. It is a place for families to entertain activities, so it is named "Art Amusement Park". The current situation of the project is a triangular site, adjacent to a parking lot, below the Memorial Sculpture in Birrarung Marr Park. The design task book requested that the project be developed into a fun and relaxing playground for children, stimulate their imagination, and set up art studios related to art amusement parks, giving Melbourne children an unforgettable and beautiful memory.

This is a unique amusement park. The amusement park is not just set up a series of amusement projects, but through comprehensive landscape design techniques, carefully selected materials, textures, colors, layers and spaces to complete the design of the amusement park. Through generous use of earthy colors, smooth styles and native vegetation to reflect the theme of the Australian landscape, people are encouraged to spend more time outdoors. The landscape design of the art amusement park vigorously utilizes the advantages of its location and integrates the advantages of the surrounding space to develop into a colorful amusement park, bringing children a pleasant and surprising experience.


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