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Review: Ten classic outdoor space design cases for children in the world(5)

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8. Tychy Children's Water Playground, Poland

This water park designed by RS+ Robert Skitek is located in Tychy, Poland. The main concept is to integrate with the landscape. Therefore, the location and contour structure of the pool follow the original layout of the trees and follow the principles of functionality and practicality of Aquater.

RS+ Robert Skitek uses exotic wood on the floor in front of the entrance and the benches around the pool. To ensure that no extra people and animals are allowed inside, fences are necessary, but this will have a certain impact on the coordination of the landscape. In view of this, the designer once again used wood to build a parametric structure based on flowing sine waves. In this way, the exquisite features of the project are maintained, and the pool is separated from other places.

The water park itself is part of Tychy Paprocany Resort. In 2010, designer Robert Skitek and his design team RS+ designed a fountain in a shallow pool that can make children and adults happy. The space for children exceeds 300 square meters. The shape of the site is like a part of water, and the growth environment of the trees in the garden is appropriately adjusted to make the whole site more harmonious.

The water park

9. Playground in Danish commercial residential area

Kildebjerg Ry has a beautiful surrounding environment and complete outdoor activities facilities. It is a fast-growing and eye-catching commercial residential area in Denmark.

One of the goals of the project is to provide multiple choices for sports enthusiasts. People of any age can come here for exercise, entertainment or even just to relax. At the same time, the project also focuses on the integration of landscape design, additional activities and residential areas. The design embodies the principle of public participation, including community residents, sports clubs, and local enterprises, forming three highly recognizable areas with different functions.

The entertainment area pursues liberalization and can be used for both entertainment and fitness. The pulsation area has many protruding structures on the original road. In addition, it is also a track for skaters, mountain bikers and motorcycle lovers.


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