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Review: Ten classic outdoor space design cases for children in the world(6)

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10. Crown Sky Garden, Chicago Children's Hospital

Crown Sky Garden is located in the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital on the 23rd floor in downtown Chicago. The garden is open to the staff, patients and their families of the hospital. This sky garden is built on the results of scientific research. After analysis and research, it can better obtain light and thinking space, and shorten the treatment recovery time of patients. The project provides a new demonstration for healthcare gardens.

The project honors the 2013 ASLA Comprehensive Design Honor Award. What is more rare is that it provides a new thinking direction for the landscape field. Using the diverse and ornamental characteristics of the landscape can achieve the effect of reducing the suffering of patients and shortening the treatment time.

The landscape design of the Crown Sky Garden of Chicago Children's Hospital takes "nature" as the theme, and the designer finally presents a natural space in front of the children that looks like real. Here, green is the basic color, plants, tree stools, and every little detail, also taste the original natural flavor. Here, light, water, sound, and color are intertwined, and light walls of various colors meander past, surrounding the bamboo forest in the garden. In the center of the garden, there are safety resin walls and local recycled wooden sculpture toys. In the space, you can rest assured to contact nature.

The above is a review of ten classic children's outdoor space design cases around the world. Many times we need to understand how other children's outdoor spaces are designed so that we can make breakthroughs without being limited to our original thinking.

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It is the best design that achieves the best integration with nature, the surrounding environment, and peripheral equipment, and the abrupt design is often unpleasant.We need to consider many factors when designing a children's playground. In addition to our own, there are also external factors. We hope that our children's playground can become better and better.


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