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Russian children's playground design sharing

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Moscow cute pet children's playground

Moscow Cute Pet Children's Park is not only a simple renovation project, but also a redesigned place where children, adults and animals have the same status. The project provides the most comfortable environment for animals in a limited space. At the same time, it provides various seasonal activities for children of different ages to show children how animals live in their natural habitat. This design allows the zoo One of the most barren and inaccessible places in the country has revived.

The park conveys the idea of nature protection and includes new game-based educational facilities. Its main purpose is to treat the children's area of the park as a public place, so that the park is no longer a place for children to simply watch exotic animals, but It has become an ordinary playground and learning environment.

The park is divided into several areas. Next to each area, there is a special children's play area with the same layout, providing educational play opportunities: children can imitate a bird to climb into the nest, or imitate a rabbit to climb across the nest.

The first area is the "farm", where geese, cows, chickens, goats and other animals live. On the other side of the farm is a forest area and a long aviary tunnel-bird enclosure. Opposite the aviary and extending along the opposite wall of the zoo, there is a poultry breeding area. The last area is the "Rabbit City". The exit area has a cafe and a play area for quiet games.

There is also a year-round education center. Children can learn and grow through educational game facilities.

children's play area

Moscow Cosmos Children's Playground

Cosmos Children's Playground is located in Moscow's VDNH (All-Russian Exhibition Center), which is a comprehensive gathering place for large-scale fairs, museums and entertainment venues. As an extension of the museum, the owner hopes to build a children's playground to help children understand technology and learn about space.

The huge wooden structure constitutes a scene in which different adventures can be launched. Children can take the space shuttle and vehicles of the Russian Space Program for further understanding.

The biggest element on the playground is the R-7 SOYUZ rocket, a Soviet launch vehicle designed in the 1960s and still in service today. Children can learn about rockets in the museum first, and then experience climbing on rockets in the playground.

Opposite the rocket is an abstract interpretation of the earth. The design is a complicated structure that requires a slide and a climbing rope to be suspended on the ground to climb.

The playground layout consists of many elements and creates many routes and spaces. It is unobstructed in the playground, so that many children can play at the same time.


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