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Sensory Playground Percussion Equipment Liben

Percussion products in China not only meet the needs of consumers for product innovation but also for the continued existence of brands. Especially when percussion products are homogenized, service is an important factor in consumers' choice of purchase.
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Product Description

Recommended Ages 3-12
Apply for Outdoor Playground
Color  customized available
Brand Liben
Warranty 1 year.

The production of musical instruments is different from the production of industrial products in general. It requires not only a reasonably fine appearance for the products of outdoor percussion manufacturers but also good acoustic qualities, including timbre, music, and a defined pitch. The choice of materials is therefore very strict.

Outdoor percussion instruments are a form of playful percussion instruments designed specifically for young children. Outdoor percussion instruments are a popular item that has only become active in kindergartens and playgrounds in recent years. Some of the more common outdoor percussion instruments include bells and drums, sand hammers, double rattles, and banging bells. This is because outdoor percussion instruments not only exercise the child's oral dexterity but also promote a love of music.


Product Price

Many bosses are very confused and a little helpless about this aspect of the offer. One, they have not yet considered clearly which equipment to buy, the second, want to let the manufacturers direct quotes, but manufacturers can only estimate a price. What are the factors that affect the price of amusement equipment that children play in the open air?

There is a lot of outdoor percussion play equipment for kids to play on, just like when you buy talking buckets and hand-clapping drums which are different types and definitely not the same in price. Each manufacturer has its own style of quotation, and the quotations are all a bit different, so there are different manufacturers of play equipment for children playing in the open air and the prices are not the same.

Wenzhou Liben Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of sensory experience interactive musical instruments customized. The company's non-standard play Low price, high quality, welcome new and old customers to consult.



Q: Are outdoor percussion instruments part of the non-powered play equipment? What are the advantages?

A: It belongs to the non-powered equipment, non-powered amusement equipment can be built according to different sites of different areas of equipment, can be customized according to the site, will not be very restricted by the space. The price is very low compared to other amusement equipment, and the cost performance is relatively high.

Q: How does the operation and maintenance of the sensory experience interactive products work?

A: Sensory experience interactive equipment can be used for different environmental needs, very convenient to update and maintenance. It has the advantage of very good wear and tears, and maintenance costs are relatively low.名片


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