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In recent years, the development trend of sports parks has not simply relied on traditional sports park types. The needs of different types of sports are changing. Therefore, while developing traditional sports parks, we can enrich sports park types and create diversification. The form of sports space and sports experience. How to integrate innovation in traditional sports parks when planning sports parks?A sports park is a special park in a large area of gardens with stadiums, cultural, educational, and service buildings for citizens to exercise, visit and rest, or for sports competitions.

From the definition of sports park, it can be seen that sports parks should first have the basic appearance characteristics of urban parks, that is, a beautiful, safe and comfortable garden space. However, due to their outstanding sports functions, sports parks show characteristics that are different from ordinary urban parks.Outdoor sports parks take "sports" as the theme of the park. All activities and facilities in the park are set up around the theme of sports. The purpose is to better meet people's sports needs. Therefore, the park is required to have an external image, functional content, The layout of facilities needs to reflect this feature.

sports park

First of all, there must be adequate greening, with picturesque gardens, and sports facilities must be closely integrated with the green land.The activities carried out in outdoor sports parks are mainly sports, including physical exercises, sports training and competitions, sports performances, leisure sports activities, and recreation. Among them, physical exercise focuses on planning, regularity, and physical activity for the purpose of strengthening the body. Sports leisure does not aim at strengthening physical fitness and improving sports skills, but for personal leisure, physical and psychological relaxation. More emphasis is on an experience. Therefore, sports here should be a broad concept. It is a non-competitive physical recreational activity aimed at entertainment and physical and mental health, and athletics aimed at improving sports performance. The general term for sexual sports, the types of sports are very rich. Sports parks are different from ordinary urban parks, which mainly carry out recreational sports. Instead, they prepare corresponding venues and facilities for people with different sports purposes, reflecting powerful sports functions.

The number and floor space of sports venues and facilities have become one of the criteria for judging whether it is a sports park. In addition, sports venues and facilities must also meet certain technical standards.

Different from some sports venues dedicated to professional athletes, sports parks mainly serve ordinary urban residents for physical exercise, sightseeing, and recreation. Sports venues, cultural, educational, and service buildings in the park are open to the public.


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